All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…

Ok not really. But most of my stuff is packed and in piles, one going to my parents house, one for the Salvation Army, and one that’s getting packed into the car to take with me. There are a few other things that friends of mine SWEAR they will be here to get before Thursday…they better.

6 days and counting til I’m on the road!


I don’t know how to blog…

Ok so I’ve been drinking tonight. I feel like this is how many of these posts will begin. 

I started giving away the super secret address to this blog so I feel like I should start blogging. All of this going on the road talk is really great, but as the days get closer, and shit gets realer it seems more and more unreal to me. Last night was my last night at work, at a job that I loved and had the best bosses and best coworkers that I’ve ever had, and I feel stupid sometimes for leaving all of that. Some people work jobs they hate for 40 years just so they can retire well. I’ve had this job for four years and almost everyone that I’ve met both employees and staff were some of the best people I’ve ever met or cared to know. Last night, my last night, was so epic. All my friends and family came in, my bosses were great, sometimes I just wonder if I’m being foolish for leaving all of that. 

On a happier note. I made a list about 6 months ago and it was shit that I wanted to do before I left. This list did not include things like, ‘get milk’ or ‘wash the car’. It was a real list. Some was practical, some personal. I crossed the last item off that list 3 days ago. The list, when I wrote it, seemed impossible, out of this world, but if I completed it, it would make my life better than it is now. 

I did every single goddam thing on that list. And I’m happier than I ever knew was possible. 

And I’m excited. I hope you guys stay with me. Not every post will be so sappy. 🙂