Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

I really left! Tuesday morning, I finished packing the car, put on the sweet new road-mix, and drove 6 hours to Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, where I’ve been staying with my 86-year old Great-Aunt Doris for the past couple of days. My grandparents were also here visiting when I arrived, but left this morning.

It has been a rather relaxing couple of days. We went into town yesterday to a farmer’s market where all different types of people were selling all different types of food, meat, veggies, fruit preserves, etc. In this part of Pennsylvania there is a religious group called the Mennonites, who are basically Amish except that they are allowed to associate with the outside world, so they were all there selling their home-grown/home-made stuff.

We had the best sausage sandwiches for lunch, with just fat, spicy sausage and sautéed onions on a bun. They were so freakin’ good.

My aunt has no internet at her house so I’ve been relying on my smart phone, but today I’ve ventured out into town and am using the free wi-fi at Barnes and Noble. Lewisburg is a pretty cool town, like something out of the 1920s. All of the houses are ancient, but really well maintained. Bucknell University is also here, so there are some newer, more modern amenities, like free wi-fi.

Lewisburg is also my grandmother and great-aunt’s hometown, so I got to see the house where they  grew up. And though my grandmother moved out of Lewisburg a long time ago, my great-aunt has lived in the same house for 56 years! And now her children are gone, and her husband has died, and she still lives in this huge house all by herself. She told me that, “they’ll be taking her out feet first,” so I’m not thinking she has any plans of down-sizing anytime soon. She is a hoot though, 86 years old and still kicking, and sharp as a tac.

Tomorrow I head out to New Jersey!

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