Why Traveling is better than not traveling

  • First of all, I must say, after years of working in restaurants and eating standing up, or on the way to work, or at 11:30 at night it is so nice to sit down and eat 3 square meals a day. I do not rush, I do not eat fast food, and best of all, at my Aunt Doris’s no one leaves the table until after we eat dessert
  • Secondly, waking up without an alarm clock. I have no schedule, I have no job, I have no commitments. So, I sleep with the blinds open, and usually between 8:30 and 9:30 I wake up on my own accord and sometimes I jump right out of bed, and sometimes I lay there for an hour, but its up to me. Things I never do include rising before the sun does and sleeping for less than 6 hours.
  • Having time to take care of myself. When I was working or in school I was always racing the clock. More time in the shower meant less sleep, cooking a full meal meant less time to relax, etc. These days, when I wake up fully rested I go for a run every morning and it doesn’t cut into my sleeping time or my showering time. Furthermore, when I return from my run I take a nice long hot shower, and I floss daily, and I shave everyday. Every guy on the planet has looked in the mirror, rubbed their scruff and said, “I can go one more day without shaving.” Sometimes this happens days in a row, mostly caused by the snooze effect, where you hit the snooze button 12 times, then take a 3 minute shower, dress, grab a granola bar and run out the door. 
  • Going to bed early. When you start your day at 9am and you don’t have anything to do all day except for things that you want to do, you find by the end of the night, you’re tired. And you don’t have to meet your friends at 11pm just so you can see them once this week. You’re not using the late night hours to have a social life. Early evening I usually text people or go online and I do that for as long as I want and I still am in bed by 11. 
  • I get to see places that you people don’t. DUH!

This list may get added to as the trip continues. Image

I’m currently sitting in a book store in Lewisburg, PA writing this blog and a few post cards. I’m leaving now and headed to Hopatcong, NJ to see my friend Kara, whom I haven’t seen in far to long. Hope everyone is having a great Friday!


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