I might be crazy, but thats not the same as insane, and I’m scared but that’s not the same as being afraid


I made it to NJ and am currently in Hopatcong which is in the northwestern part of the state and am staying with my friend Kara and her fiance Craig and their 2 great danes, jack russel terrier and two cats. This house is awesome, its like a petting zoo. All of the animals are so drastically different and all get along with each other and with people. 

They live in a neighborhood where all of the streets and houses are very close together and although my friends were lucky during Hurricane Sandy, not all of their neighbors were as lucky. They just got power back 2 days ago and when I went out for my run this morning there were many houses that were being patched up from trees falling through them. Other properties weren’t as damaged but many still have trees down in the yard, fences down, siding off, etc. 

Last night after Craig and Kara went to bed I stayed up and hung out with one of the danes on the couch and watched The Bourne Identity for the first time, which was quite good, and I was in bed by 2am. Today, I woke up at noon, which surprised the hell out of me. I think its because I’m sleeping in a very comfortable full bed whereas in PA at my aunts I was sleeping in an ancient, very lumpy, tiny, old bed. It was nice to sleep in though. 

Tonight we went to Craig and Kara’s friends for Friendsgiving, which is a drunker predecessor to Thanksgiving, but with just as much delicious food. And the food was both delicious and plentiful and, I drank lots of beer and hard cider. 

Monday I head out of here and am off to see Lili Patelli in Newark NJ, which everyone I have met here so far has warned me either that I am “too white to go to Newark” or “not to make eye contact with anyone”. Several people have also told me that I should not go because I will undoubtedly be shot. However, I’m going to brave it just the same. 

Pictures of my time here in Hopatcong (mostly of the danes) to follow!


2 thoughts on “I might be crazy, but thats not the same as insane, and I’m scared but that’s not the same as being afraid

  1. Glad to see everything is going well so far! I love this blog idea by the way, now I can stalk what you are doing :). Be safe in Newark Daniel!

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