Wandering around New Jersey

I shipped out of Hopatcong yesterday morning, leaving behind Kara and Craig and they’re zoo of animals. I will miss Paisley though… we became buds. Image

I spent yesterday wandering around Morristown, which is a nice town full of restaurants, churches, and historical sites. Morristown’s claim to fame is that it is where George Washington spent two winters during the Revolutionary War. But they have some big, beautiful stone churches as well. It was cool to just walk aroundImage


I finished up in Morristown in the middle of the day and headed towards Newark, where I am staying with my friend Lili. She worked til nine last night so I went to Jersey Gardens, which is the biggest mall I ever seen. Its an outlet mall and it has EVERYTHING. I’m trying to be frugal and I was good, only bought one thing, a sick Quiksilver duffel bag, which I needed anyways.

Despite everyone warning me that Newark was this very dangerous place, I haven’t seen any of that at all. I will admit, I’m one of 3 white people that I’ve seen since arriving, but everyone has been really nice. Lili tells me that its because we’re in Ironbound part of Newark, the nice side. The city is really nice though, nice architecture,  and they have lighted wreaths on every street light for Christmas. Image


After my busy day of wandering and taking photos I arrived at Lilis where she informed me that it was her duty as a hostess to take me out and get me drunk so we went out in Little Brazil and drank Caiprinhas, the national drink of Brazil, which are made from a very potent sugar cane rum called Cacharas, lime, and sugar. We had passionfruit flavored ones, and they were freakin delicious. Naturally, we also had many shots. Image


However, the best part of the night was after we were nice and toasted we went to this little Brazilian diner that’s open all night and Lili ordered us (because I don’t speak Portugese) 2 X-Tudo sandwiches, which translates literally to X-Everything. It was one of the top 5 best things I have ever eaten in my life.

This sandwich came out on a bun as big as my face and on it was a hamburger, a thick-cut slice of ham, a fried egg, bacon, a slice of tomato, lettuce, corn, mayo, and potato sticks. It was 8 inches thick and so delicious. Actually, I’m going to go eat the second half of that sandwich now…


One thought on “Wandering around New Jersey

  1. Glad you got on the road safe and sound Dan and very happy you got to spend time with Aunt Doris and Grandma and Grandad. So sorry to have missed you in Philly and glad you’re feeling better. We’ll be following your travels from CT!

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