Thanksgiving Weekend

After leaving Lili in Newark I drove to Philadelphia and spent the day wandering around there. Its a very cool city full of lots of history and well-maintained historical buildings. However, it was the day before Thanksgiving, so there were lots of field trips and people around, and some of the monuments had very long lines.

The City!

The Consitution Center

Independence Hall

Independence Hall

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

After I spent the day in Philly I headed to Arlington, VA right outside DC. I was surprised, but thankful, that I didn’t hit any holiday traffic on my 3 hour drive. In Arlington I stayed with my friend Minh at his apartment. He made Sangria for my arrival and then I made us some delicious Hendericks martinis. Naturally, we feeling pretty alright so we decided we should spent the night before Thanksgiving at a restaurant/strip club… which was very odd (as was one of his room-mates). The restaurant ran like a normal restaurant but with strippers on the side… very odd, but fun. The food was good and I was drunk, so it all worked.

Thanksgiving morning I went and interviewed for a gig I found on Craigslist to dog sit for Thanksgiving weekend. When I arrived, the gig was not as I originally expected, but its good money so I took it. Since then I have been staying in a woman’s house is DC helping her care for 30 dogs for Thanksgiving weekend!! She runs a cageless kennel, so there are literally 30 dogs running around this house right now. And she feeds me. In fact, her mom came over and cooked a huge thanksgiving dinner, which was awesome.

Thanksgiving Dinner!

After Thanksgiving Dinner!

Since then I have been here, just outside DC. I’ve been taking care of dogs, lurking the internet and hanging out. Its a very relaxed gig that includes free wine and getting smoked up a couple of times a day. This place reminds me why I would not want to own a dog, however, there is one dog, Seve, who I would really like to kidnap and take on the road.


Every night I sleep on a huge leather sofa surrounded and covered by dogs. Most of them are pretty cool though. Here are some more of the dogs… mostly for Katy Harrington


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