Greensboro, NC

The last day I was with Oniz in Charlotte we drove about 40 minutes outside the city to Crowders Mountain and hiked up it. It was a nice hike, nothing too crazy, but brought us to the summit where there were some breath-taking views.






Friday night I left Oniz’s and drove the 2 hours to see my friend Julie in Greensboro, NC where she is a student at University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG) and plays for the girls rugby team. She had a rugby game yesterday, which I went and saw and was shocked at what a violent game it is. Its like football, but faster paced and without pads. Last night Julie hosted the rugby social at her house, which means the entire rugby team comes over and gets hammered. It was a good time, definitely a different scene than I am used to, but fun none the less. By different scene I mean almost everyone at the party was a large rugby playing lesbian, most of whom could kick my ass.


Dancing rugby players

Best part of the trip, is that right before the party last night we got back to Julie’s with several cases of beer…


and walk in the door and discover that the men’s rugby team had trashed her house. They switched her bedroom and living room around so that her bed was in the middle of the living room.


Julie’s remodeled living room

They also covered the light switches, photos, fridge, etc. with band-aids (which apparently Julie has some phobia of). This is especially epic because when I met Julie, almost 10 years ago, this is the exact type of crap that we used to do at summer camp. 10 years later… Julie still hasn’t grown up at all and is still being ridiculous.

Today, we are relaxing after the night we had last night. Julie is in bed, and I’m lounging on the couch…


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