Nashville and Indianapolis

After leaving Dallas I drove up to Nashville, TN, where I stayed in my first ever hostel the Music City Hostel, which was a clean hostel filled with all sorts of interesting people. The idea of hostels is that you can stay cheaply in a dorm style setting, where you are sleeping in the same room as other people. There is a shared bathroom and shared kitchen. From what I understand there is a very broad range in the security, cleanliness, and general atmosphere of hostels. The one I stayed at was very clean, the staff was very helpful and everyone I met was very friendly. There were people from all over the US, from Europe, and from Austrailia some where there for work, some for school, some passing through and some trying to become musicians, but everyone was very nice and courteous and we all had some excellent conversations as we shared stories about our travels.

I did go out in Nashville, which I would categorize as not really my scene. I do not like country music and though there was a good amount of restaurants and history, most of it focused on Country music. The only meal I ate out in Nashville was at Hooters and only because they had a great wing special and Hooters has excellent wings. The rest of the time I ate at the hostel.

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From Nashville I drove to Indianapolis where I couch-surfed again with a woman named Angie, who was awesome. She is a young, an engineer, a licensed sky-diver, well-travelled, well-educated person. She and I and another friend of hers, who liked meeting new people and traveling as well, went to a bar called Howl at the Moon which I would strongly recommend to anyone spending any time in Indianapolis. Other than $1 Coors light bottles, they have dueling pianos and a house band that is phenomenal. It was made up of two women and three men all of whom could play guitar, drums, piano and sing and they all switched instruments regularly. They also played every type of music you can think of, from Billy Joel and Neil Diamond to Bruno Mars and Beyonce. They were incredible.

Angie also took me to eat at Pho #1 Eggroll, no lie, that was the name of it. They had really great Chinese food and Vietnamese food too. Other than that, I didn’t see very much in Indy. Indy is the 14th city I’ve seen and 12th city I’ve stayed in in just over a month and I was starting to tire out. I spent one full day in Indy relaxing on the couch, recovering from Howl at the Moon and tracking the unbelievably horrific news story out of Newton, CT. I also spent a lot of time with my host and our new friend Josh talking about traveling and debating religion, politics, and all of the other big problems of the world. Neither night I was there did we make it to bed without many beers, many topics of conversation, or before the wee hours.

It was an excellent stop towards beginning to wind down this leg of the journey on my way back to Massachusetts for Christmas with friends and family.


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