2013. New Year. New Look. New Adventures.

Hello Everyone!

Its been a while! After my 5 week adventure across the country at the end of 2012, I returned to Massachusetts to celebrate Christmas and New Years with my friends and family, as well as to recharge physically and mentally. It was wonderful to see everyone but it was time to get back on the road.

Here is a map of the first route of the trip. In 5 weeks I stayed in 14 different cities, drove through 19 states, and visited several other cities along the way. It was quite the adventure.


At the beginning of 2013 I received a review of my blog for the year 2012 and although I cannot see who is looking at this blog unless you comment and could see that it got thousands of views since I began writing in September and that I also had people viewing it in 4 countries! So thanks to everyone who is following and who has been following. Additionally, I saw so many people while I was in Massachusetts for the holidays who told me they have been reading my blog which makes me both thrilled and a little terrified, but I’m glad you’re all reading nonetheless, please feel free to comment, and I will try my best to respond to everyone!

The plan for this route is head north and then west exploring the western half of the US and parts of Canada. Stayed tuned for all of the new adventures that 2013 will hold!


6 thoughts on “2013. New Year. New Look. New Adventures.

  1. so glad you’re doing this so i can know the exact moment you enter europe and we can go heavy day/night drinking with of course activities and souvenir shopping. #swedewillslap #nooneisgoingtologan
    Loads of love

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