Lincoln, NH with Henna Foley

First stop on the trip this time was Lincoln, NH home of both Loon Mountain and my long-lost friend Henna Foley. My friend Sean, who recently fell back in love with skiing, and two of his friends drove up with me in a separate car so we could all ride Loon together. We left Charlton at 6:30am on Thursday January 10th and drove the 3 hours to Lincoln, NH where we spent an excellent day riding loon. One of Sean’s friends spent a winter living in Lincoln and knew all of the best spots to hit on the mountain. Needless to say, we also did a lot of poaching, i.e. riding under those orange ropes, because any good snowboarder knows the best riding is the snow no one else has touched while you’re breaking all the rules.


Ewok’s Village. Loon Mountain


Glad Sean Sullivan remembered how much he likes to ski…






After a full 8 hour day of riding we retired to the Bunyon Room, one of Loon’s bars, where we drank over priced beers and met up with Henna, after she got out of work. From there Sean and his friends headed back to Mass and Henna and I continued to drink, then we went out for Thai and sushi, and continued to drink, then we went back to Henna’s monstrous house, and drank, that was all before we went to Truants Tavern, and drank some more.


After riding activities


Reunited with Henna Foley






It was an awesome time. Henna lives in a huge house with 8 roommates, at least I think its 8, and there are always extras hanging out and sleeping over, but all very chill people who know how to snowboard. Friday, I spent the day lounging, harassing Henna at work and napping. She had the irish flu Friday, so we stayed pretty low-key. Then Saturday Eric and his brother Chris were supposed to come up and ride for the day, but the weather did not cooperate, and in fact its been pretty gross since then.


Henna before…


…Henna after







I was so glad to be back on the snow, and on a mountain bigger than Wachusett. I also had an awesome time hanging out with Sean Sullivan, who is an old camp friend, actually, a former camper of mine from my Camp Marshall days. We haven’t seen each other in 3 years, and it was great to see him and catch up, even if he is a skier. And although I was bummed I didn’t actually get to ride with Henna, because that’s all we did together in high school, it was also great to reconnect with her, because that’s been too long as well. You know, even though she drinks Jim Beam, can’t handle her liquor and goes by ‘Foley’ now, still a great time and a great friend.

Next stop is Maine to see my grandparents! More to come then!


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