Winthrop, Maine

I’ve spent the last couple days in Winthrop, ME with my grandparents and their dog Ozzy. I didn’t do almost anything the whole time I was there except let my grandparents retired life-style rub off on me, which was wonderful, and very relaxing too! The last two days I slept late every day, ate a large breakfast, sat around, showered, sat around some more, and by that time it was time to open a bottle of wine, so we’d sit around working on that until one of my grandparents cooked that day’s delicious  dinner, once that was done, we’d keep at that wine until it was time for bed, or until it was time for cognac, whichever came first. It was a great rest to help my body recover from the hardcore snowboarding I’ve been doing, and to help me recharge for the trip into the frozen north and the snowboarding to come. We also had some excellent conversations about life, and travel etc. My grandparents had some great stories and helpful tips, as they are seasoned travelers themselves.

I did realize while in Maine that I left my camera battery and charger in Massachusetts, which is a major fail, but no fear, its been put in the mail and pictures will resume shortly. I wish I had more pictures from Winthrop, but this pretty much sums it up.


Heading north into the great frozen Tundra known as Canada. More to come eh.


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