Syracuse, NY with Nickola McCloy

Unfortunately, the time came for me to leave Ottawa, but it’s definitely on my list of places to return to in my life. The sites, the food, the city. I will definitely be going back. Fortunately, my next stop was Syracuse, NY where my friend Nickola is a college senior at Syracuse University. The drive was only two and a half hours, but it sure was eventful, drove through 2 snow storms and got stuck behind a couple of plows for about 30 miles as well.


Leaving Ottawa


Half way to Syracuse


Going into Syracuse

I got into Syracuse on Sunday and the temperature was beginning to drop, so Syracuse was cold and windy. I can’t say that I explored Syracuse. I was there for two nights and spent most of the time drinking, relaxing and eating. It was just what I needed. Traveling, especially at the pace I’m going can be exhausting, so I was very happy to have some down time. To anyone who knows Nickola McCloy it will come as no surprise to you that we didn’t spend a whole lot of time sober, but drank lots of beer, and wine, and whiskey instead.

I did get to catch up on my this blog, which takes more time to write than one might think. I also got to see Shameless, which is the hilarious show that I’m addicted to. We ordered out almost every meal, and I did have some delicious pizza and a few delicious sandwiches. Nick also lives with 4 other girls, all of whom were hilarious, and all of whom had sorority events and parties all weekend so I got to see them stumble in various states of oblivion.


How Nickola pours a glass of wine

All in all, not a very adventurous stop, but very fun and relaxing. Next stop is Buffalo, NY to go see Niagara Falls!


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