Buffalo, NY and Niagara Falls

IMG_0660I left Syracuse Tuesday midday and drove to Buffalo, NY where I couch surfed for a couple of nights so I could be close enough to go see Niagara Falls. My first night in Buffalo I didn’t do too much except drink with my host and go out for Buffalo wings, obviously. It was freezing in Buffalo, less than 10F the whole time I was there. After sucking down several rum and cokes I ventured out alone to the local bar, which was mostly empty and ordered buffalo wings and played Ruzzle, which is a Boggle-type word game on my phone which I am now whole-heartedly addicted to. Because the bar was so empty I chatted up the bartender and he poured me several free beers and shots of Jameson, which was awesome.

I woke up early Wednesday morning and headed out to Niagara Falls. It was still about 10F so I was one of very few people out to see the falls that day. I parked my car in a Denny’s parking lot on the American side of the falls and walked across Rainbow Bridge into Canada so I could see all of the falls. They were incredible! I really understand all the hype about them, there is so much water and so much power and the whole thing is just enormous! They also produce an amazing amount of mist from the water crashing down and everything anywhere near them at this time of year is covered in a layer of ice. You can walk along the cliff-line for about a mile looking at the falls until you really get up close and can be right next to the edge where the water pours over the side of the cliff and the whole way there is a fence about three feet high with signs picturing that you should not climb over the fence, which is quite obvious because if you did you would fall over the cliff to your death. Very humorous.



I did walk up away from the falls into Canada where they have all sorts of rides, and museums, and shows. However, because of the sub-zero temperatures the place was a ghost town so I quickly returned to America and went and warmed up with some Starbucks.

I went out to eat again that night, and again had Buffalo wings but this time I went to Anchor Bar where they claim to be the original buffalo wings.


They were good, but nothing special. Made it an early night, after planning my driving route and such because Thursday I spent the entire day, and way too much money on tolls driving to Madison, WI to see my friend Wyatt! More to come on that in the future!


7 thoughts on “Buffalo, NY and Niagara Falls

  1. Dan!

    You should so get a GoPro camera! I have been doing a lot of research on them to see what one I want to get personally. I’m thinking the Hero3 either the silver edition or black edition. It would help you capture this wonderful tour you’re on in such a different way. Also it has a car mount, a headband, and a case that’s waterproof. Plus many more optional attachments!!! Do it, you won’t regret it.

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