San Diego, California


I spent the majority of the day Saturday driving from Sedona, AZ to San Diego, CA, which is an amazing place. San Diego, is one of the southern most cities in CA and I saw all sorts of border patrol on my way into the city. Because it is so southern, it is also relatively warm this time of year. For the 3 days that I was there I experienced nothing but good weather.

Upon arriving in San Diego I did what I often do when I get into a new city and seek out a Barnes and Noble, they are great places to get a coffee, jump on the computer, steal internet and electricity and plan your next move. You can also pick up a new book while you’re in there.

I did a few hours worth of research on what there was to do and see in San Diego and decided it was a city that’s better seen driving than walking, because there are so many distinct neighborhood that aren’t very close together. The city itself is beautiful, very clean, lots of beautiful buildings and gardens. Even driving on the highway you are surrounded by wild plants, or elegant houses, not like most highways where there isn’t much to look at. After filling my tank at $4.15/gal I found a nice neighborhood, parked my car, and went to sleep in the back.

The next day I was up fairly early and after a Starbucks run, and brushing my teeth in their bathroom, I headed to La Jolla, an awesome beach town that’s just full of shops and restaurants, but is right on the ocean. It was a perfect day, 75 degrees and sunny and I just wanted to be near the ocean. In La Jolla there is an awesome cove, where you can walk down on the beach and get within 25 feet of seals that are resting on the beach and swimming in the cove, there’s also a jetty you can walk out on and the water is so clean and clear you can see down into it and see all the birds and seals swimming around. There were even some kids, couldn’t have been older than 15, in wet suits who ran to the end of the jetty and jumped off and were swimming around with the seals. It was really something to see, if I had a wet suit I probably would’ve joined them. The water is so blue, its unbelievable, the photos actually depict it quite well.



After spending a considerable amount of time on the beaches, wading in the water, watching the surfers I walked around town, had some excellent banana foster flavored gelato and looked in the art galleries, one of which had a really unique Dr. Suess exhibit, that had some awesome stuff. That afternoon I headed out of La Jolla, back towards San Diego and stopped for happy hour at Arterra where I had an excellent blackberry mojito and flatbread pizza.


Once the sun set I made it to Carlsbad, about 20 minutes north of San Diego where my host for the night, Carlos and his family lived. Carlos works in the same field as my dad, and one year was stuck in Massachusetts for Christmas, so he spent it with us, and so he was nice enough to let me crash in their spare room while I was in San Diego. And let me tell you, a bed and hot shower are always so much nicer after spending a night in the car.

Monday morning was beautiful again I decided drove north to Oceanside, just another beach town. I wandered on the pier for a while and watched the surfers and the huge birds, I don’t know what they were, that sat on the pier waiting for the fisherman to toss them fish.

IMG_2293 IMG_2290


I spent the majority of the day sitting on the beach and reading a book. It was wonderful, it’s not like going to the beach in the middle of the summer in New England, where its loud and crowded. I was on a beach, sitting on the rocks just past the sand, looking at the ocean, and occasionally a person, or a couple would walk by, but for the most part I had the beach to myself. It was so tranquil and peaceful.


That afternoon, it started to cool down, which it does very rapidly in San Diego. When the sun is high you can be very comfortable in a tee-shirt and flip-flops. The second the sun drops and you’re in the shade, it’s very chilly, and a sweatshirt and socks and shoes becomes much more comfortable. When that happened I headed to a happy hour in the Gaslamp District, which is known for its nice restaurants. I ended up at Las Hadas, where I had a few G&Ts and a huge pulled pork sandwich.

Ended up turning in pretty early Monday night at Carlos’s and got a good night sleep, because Tuesday morning I left San Diego and headed north!


4 thoughts on “San Diego, California

  1. Those big birds are pelicans. Your great grandfather had a ton of photos from La Jolla (I have them now) back inthe ’30s and ’40s. Let em know if you ever want to see them. Quite envious of the warm weather and sunshine by the way!

      • Pop pop was Granddad Bill’s father in law (Nana’s father), my great grandfather and your great-great grandfather. Your great grandfather is Grandad Bill, your mom’s and my grandfather. He and Nana traveled a great deal from the 1920s to the early 1970s and took literally 1000s of pictures. Europe, the US, Bermuda, Canada… If you ever want to see them, let me know.

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