My Story

The Back-Story

Hi! My name is Dan Duffy and this blog chronicles my adventures on the road as I travel.

I grew up in Charlton, MA, then went to college at Worcester State, in Worcester, MA, and have lived in Oxford, MA and Worcester, MA, all of which are within 20 minutes of each other. I have always loved traveling and seeing how other people live, and I had seen enough of central Massachusetts. Upon graduating college with a BS in Chemistry and a minor in education. I did the responsible thing of getting a job in my field, and maintained my bartending job at night. Most of my friends graduated college within a few years of me as well, and all were responsible as well and got jobs in their fields, in engineering, in nursing, in insurance, and in human services.

My chemist job was in an office, and although I liked parts of it I found it monotonous and frustrating at times and would find myself staring out my office window wishing I was outside, instead of trapped in the Chemistry Department on the 4th floor surrounded by windows that didn’t open. Being that it was an office job, and I worked for the state, I had plenty of time to surf the net and stumbled upon this list.

I printed it out and hung it on my file cabinet in my tiny office and looked at it every day. #32- Quit your horrible job was the inspiration for this blog’s URL.

Realizing the Dream

After the winter, as the weather began to get nicer I began to resent my job even more and made the decision that I was going to quit and go travel. I mean, what is the point of being alive if you’re miserable 8 hours a day 5 days a week?? I figured out that if I left my job in the summer it would mean I had been there a year, which is useful because I wanted to put the job on my resume. I wanted to begin traveling as soon as I quit, but being a responsible adult means there was lots to take care of before I left and very little time. As fate would have it, my boss at my other job became pregnant at the same time, which worked out well because I would be able to go back to the restaurant full-time during the time of her maternity leave, and that would save me some money as well as buy me some time.

I gave my notice at my chemist job and my last day was the end of July 2012. The same week I spoke to my bosses at the restaurant I worked at and told them I’d like to come back full-time for her maternity leave, but after that I would be leaving. They agreed! My last day there was the end of October 2012, and I was sad to go. I had been there for almost 4 years, and worked with great people.

In the time between August and November I only worked nights at the restaurant and I used my days to begin getting ready for my trip. You would think giving up the responsible life and jumping on the road would be easy but I had a lot to take care of first. I had to tell my room-mate that I was moving out, and all the people I cared about that I was leaving. I needed to sell or give away most of my furniture and clothes. I bought a lap top and a very nice camera. I had to put some things into storage bins to be stored at my parents and I also had to plan where I would be going, where I would be staying, and how I would be affording this grand adventure. I did a lot of research and found tons of resources for traveling on a budget. I had saved some money from my job, but not enough to sustain me for as long as I wanted to be gone. I also had to put some money aside so I could stop traveling at some point and be able to settle down again.

Getting on the Road

I had a going away party at my parents, a going away party at work, moved out of my apartment and stayed with my parents for a week. I cleaned my car, stocked it with anything I could think that I would need on the road.

I finally got on the road November 13th and have been going ever since. And its been a blast so far. No matter how this trip turns out, who I meet, what happens to me, and where I end up, I will never regret the decision. I also realize, that when I do stop traveling, I will need to get another job and become a responsible adult once again, so I’m using this time and these experience to try to figure out a job I could do that I would hate less than working in an office. So my advice to all of you is to quit your horrible job, and do something that makes you happy, because you shouldn’t take life too seriously, no one gets out alive anyways!


2 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Danny, so great for you!!! I think you have always been inquisitive… I am so happy for you. I stumbled on your blog while I was looking at Sams blog. You and your family are just the best! Think of you often and I am so happy your doing so well. You are awesome. have a great travel!!

    • Hey Mary!
      Great to hear from you, hope all is well with the Manning clan. Traveling is going wonderfully, got into San Diego last night, though I am jealous of Sam’s international travel, I’m working up to it!! Tell everyone I said hello!

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